The Southbank Regeneration Project

The exciting and fresh South Bank proposal promises to transform Leeds into the best city in the UK by 2030. With such big claims, we delve into the changes that are proposed, and highlight the impact and advantages it will have on those who live in and around Leeds.

What is the South Bank Regeneration Project?

The project itself has set out with the intention of doubling the size of Leeds City centre, whilst providing a whole host of benefits for the community and surrounding areas. With the ideology of improving investment projects, learning opportunities, creativity, living prospects and leisure activities; the project aims to create the 'heart of the City' around the River Aire.

Having put the proposal to public consultation back in 2016, the project promises to create over 35,000 jobs and over 4,000 homes. With this in mind, the plans are put in place to regenerate public spaces and create areas for the community to use throughout the working day. Modern bars, restaurants and leisure facilities are all part of the new vision going forward.

"the project promises to create over 35,000 jobs and over 4,000 homes."

How will it benefit you?

The key features of the proposed framework include, but are not limited to:

A city centre park – The project's ethos is focused around the people who are going to be using it, therefore plans have been put in place to provide a huge city centre park to improve residents quality of life.

Regeneration of Leeds train station – with the potential to increase both the frequency and size of trains coming in and out of the station, they are aiming to double the amount of seats on offer for rail users. With its proposed unique design, the station is set to rival the likes of Kings Cross, London.

New waterfront – As well as implementing flood strategies, the River Aire is set to provide a host of water activities with the intention of exploring its true capabilities.

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