Here’s one way anyone can find motivated sellers in a buyers market

Since 2012 the western world has been in an era of ultra-low interest rates.

With the cost of debt being at 5000 year lows, many people have been encouraged to chase a return on their money via real estate investment, which has helped fueled unprecedented price growth over the past decade.

However, as central banks now battle to tame 40 year high inflation via one of the only tools they have in their toolbox, the interest rate lever, the time of ultra-cheap money could well be behind us. And as debt becomes more expensive to service, the amount of buyers in a marketplace will inevitably dwindle.

Sellers, who have had control of the market price for some years now, are having to adjust to a changing housing landscape.

And this is one of the principal reasons why the tables could be turning into a buyer's market.

Does that mean the good times of property investment are behind us? Not by a long shot but it does mean the era of a savvy buyer could be upon us.

With interest rates increasing there will inevitably be concerned property owners who are worried about refinancing when their fixed term comes to an end. These same owners could well be sat on huge amounts of equity in their property and are now coming to terms with cashing in on the all time high property prices before (if) prices do start to head south in the coming years.

For those property investors still wanting to expand their portfolios, or even first time buyers' wanting to get a good deal on their home, there is a fantastic piece of freely available software that can help identify a motivated seller, i.e. someone who may be more amenable to accepting an offer on their property below listing price, and this tool is called Property Tracker.

After all, a cheeky offer today could well be a reasonable offer in a few weeks time!

I've included a short video on how to download this desktop add on for Google Chrome below. I have used this for years and I recommend you start using it too!

Good luck with your property search!

About the author

David Heron MRICS

David has been working in the real estate market since 2009. In his role as Director of Central Properties, David oversees the company's lettings, management and development departments. David is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

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