City Centre

About the City Centre

Leeds is the UK's fastest growing city and the main driver of West Yorkshire with a £64.6 billion economy, a combined population of 3 million and a workforce of 1.37 million.

Over the next ten years Leeds economy is forecast to grow by 21%, much of this will be driven by the financial and business industries who already account for 38% of total output. However, the city's creative and digital industries are also set to increase rapidly with a number of large companies choosing Leeds as their northern operating base, as evidenced by Channel 4s recent relocation to the city.

It is a popular choice for many international students and professional workers but is a little pricier than its surrounding areas.

Properties in the City Centre

The city centre's housing is mainly made up of converted Victorian and commercial buildings, as well as new luxury build developments. As spaces come at a premium, there is little outdoor space for residents.


Living in the City Centre

City centre living comes with all amenities on your doorstep. Whether its bars, restaurants or high street shopping, you're never more than a 10-minute walk away from any of it. However, the cost of city living doesn't always come cheap. A two-bed penthouse apartment with rooftop terrace and an underground parking space could cost around £1,695 a month in rent!


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